Strategic Partnership Initiative

MEN_SHAKING_HANDSIn 1988 Kampi Components created the Strategic Partnership Initiative (SPI), a program designed to assist large and small manufacturers in becoming more efficient in all aspects of component and replacement parts sales for Department of Defense end use.

Since the inception of the program, many OEM and manufacturers have chosen Kampi Components as their government representative because of the experience, services, and resources we use to effectively manage complex government contracts as well as streamline the overly and unnecessary burdensome procurement process. Kampi Components continues to add partners to our SPI program on an on-going basis.

Since there are more dealers in the government market than ever before, you can be inundated with many RFQ’s for the same items by what seems to be an endless stream of these dealers and distributors, many being companies you have never heard of or have not done business with. The result of responding to these quotes from all of the companies who send in for pricing is taxing your personnel in the departments which handle those requests, which ultimately costs you time and money.

The reputation of your company is on the line every time the government orders your material and should not be left to unknown or inept distributors that lack experience dealing with government contracts. We hope you will agree that it is extremely beneficial to work with a distributor that can be relied upon to provide professional and experienced service during all facets of the procurement, order fulfillment and distribution of your material. In addition, we are very proactive in ensuring that your intellectual and proprietary issues are not compromised. We track and literally “police” all solicitations thus assuring that the correct item purchased from the correct source is being supplied. This will all but eliminate pirating and misrepresentation of sources of supply. As a result of our strong cash position, we also offer accelerated payment terms that will allow you to free up your cash receivables.

For more information on becoming a preferred supplier in our Strategic Partnership Initiative program, please contact Mitch Blackman at, phone: (215) 736-2000 ext. 290.