Supply to Kampi

Uncle_Sam_pointing_fingerKampi Components offers thousands of products from the best OEMs and manufacturers in the world. We realize the close-knit relationship we have cultivated with our supplier base is key to providing our government customers with the most competitive pricing and delivery possible. We view our relationship with our suppliers as a partnership that needs to be beneficial for all parties.

If you are interested in partnering with an industry leader, then you’re in the right place. Because we supply primarily to the Department of Defense, we carry high expectations from our supplier base and choose to partner with only the most reliable and responsible companies. The U.S. Government depends on us for support of the American Warfighter’s endeavors around the world. That means it is imperative to have an efficient and reliable supply chain. Having the right part at the right time is critical to mission success. Our suppliers are expected to comply with all applicable laws and to conduct business ethically.

There are many benefits to becoming a supplier and working together. Our suppliers rest easy knowing that their proprietary information, material and parts are in good hands. Kampi has over 37 years of experience in routine and complex U.S. Government contracting. Kampi processes over 11,000 government contracts annually. We provide our suppliers with value added services such in house Government Source Inspection service, mil-packaging and preservation services as well as transportation services, all of which save our suppliers time and money which assist to reduce overall costs and overhead.