Stocking and Warehousing

Stock_Room_4Our government customers can access a real time inventory database for material available immediately from our warehouse. Kampi organizes and manages an inventory of several million dollars of repair parts. The government customer can access our system, with just an NSN, of approximately 12,000 line items controlled by our warehouse management system. We ensure that all our material has proper documentation and traceability prior to shipment. Because we stock the products we sell, we are able to provide faster shipping times and avoid being at the mercy of suppliers’ holding the order or out of stock situations. Our material readiness program allows us to pre-order, receive, store and ship supplies to military customers around the world on a just-in-time basis. By having a large inventory we are able to react more quickly to the needs of the government customer that may need the material quickly. We are able to hold the material in our warehouse and allow us to be more responsive and closer to the American war-fighter.