Contract Management

Kampi eases the burden of government contract administration with available pre-award and post-award contract services. Our goal is to allow our suppliers to concentrate on what they do best, making the best possible product.

258w_q75In today’s world, the complexities of government contracting are increasing with many government procurement agencies constantly requiring updated technological requirements, such as the Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) system.

As a result, we offer our experienced staff, with a well-earned reputation as a knowledgeable partner-company to the U.S. military. With numerous ongoing supply chain contracts from the DoD, DLA and some of the largest OEMs in the world, Kampi Components’ pre-award and post-award services ensure the material is delivered on time, at the best price and meeting all contract performance requirements.

Kampi can be counted on to provide contract administrative services and ongoing supply chain management to support the U.S. Military war fighter. Whether it’s for a single line item or managing, stocking and military packaging for multiple line-item contracts of several thousand parts, Kampi has the know-how and experience to support the various mission objectives of the DoD. The DoD has shifted away from a reliance on holding their own inventories and management of parts to a reliance on industry-based practices. That means the relationships the DoD form with their integrated supply chain require a strong supply chain partner, like Kampi Components. As an industry partner, Kampi is capable of offering improved value-added support capabilities. We are well equipped with trained and experienced personnel to meet the administrative objectives of today’s U.S. Military. We can provide the DoD with many administrative benefits such as increased performance on contract objectives, reduce workload, lower administrative processing time, as well as increased material readiness by providing just-in-time stock material.

We appreciate the tremendous service the U.S. Armed forces provide to our great nation and we are honored to be of service to our brave military men and women. We thank you and encourage you to contact us for further information with which we may furnish you. You may choose to look in our Contacts page for the right personnel to best fit your needs.