Short & Long Term Contracts

Kampi provides value-added administration and packaging solutions on thousands of one time buy, short-term contracts issued by the government. We efficiently and effectively perform on over 13,000 short term U.S. government contracts annually. Each contract is administered with costs for services calculated based on the requirements which pertain to each contract. We provide professional contract fulfillment services for various types of material, and for both small and large quantity requirements. We are able to do all types of mil-spec packaging, such as mil-spec preservation packaging, anti static packaging, and custom crating.

Our capabilities work well for OEMs and manufacturers with many government contracts to fulfill. With our track record and experience to draw from, we are able to provide the value-added services needed by those OEMs and manufactures that require a reliable distribution company that can be counted on to prepare materials for shipments in accordance with government requirements.

Kampi’s Long Term Contacting Department has extensive experience in satisfying the long term requirements of multiple year government contracts. From Long Term Contracts (LTC), Blanket Order Agreements (BOA) or Corporate Contracts, Kampi is strategically positioned as a stocking value added military dealer. We provide solutions aimed to reduce the administrative time and cost in the supply chain. The U.S. Military is increasing their reliance on suppliers for logistical support, and we are dedicated to providing best value solutions and outstanding performance over the long term to meet the government’s goals and vision.

A long term alliance over multiple years provides a stable and low cost environment for our suppliers on long term acquisition initiatives. Kampi offers long term contracts advantages by assisting to regulate and smoothing the consumption over time. In addition, data sharing, order streamlining, warehousing and consolidation of material transportation all benefit from long-term contract alliances.

We use our solid financial foundation to purchase, stock, and warehouse the anticipated requirements of our clients ahead of time, which enables us to ship to the government specified destination with just-in-time support. There are numerous benefits for the government customer as well as our supply chain partners who are able to realize stable and consistent order flow.

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