HardwareKampi Components, the leading source for hardware and fasteners, offers a wide array of hardware components in stock for aerospace, marine, and fleet uses, including both American standard and metric fastener dimensions. We are able to identify and supply most types of hardware in accordance with AN, MS and NASM specifications. We are a leading military supplier for hardware and precision components such as nuts, washers, rivets, o-rings, bolts and special fasteners. Kampi Components is qualified on the QSLD (Qualified Supplier List for Distributor) list for Class 2 & 3 Threaded Fasteners, Rivets, Rope, and Quick Release Pins. The value of the QSLD system is improved product quality, reduced lead times, and increased customer satisfaction. Our Quality Manual is in strict accordance with the QSL criteria ensuring our customers receive the best value possible. Our Quality Control System also helps to reduce or eliminate waste and rework. Kampi’s QSL Program ensures that the QSL requirements are met on every order. Feel free to search our current inventory for the part you need. You may also elect to contact us here.